St. John & Paul Hospital in Venice

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Telephone +39 041 844844
Reservations: you'll be called to a fixed or mobile phone

Visiting hours

by people outside
identified by each individual Operational Unit
anesthesia and resuscitation weekdays and holidays (two people one at a time) 17:00 to 18:00
UCIC (cardiac intensive care unit) weekdays and holidays 15:00-16:00

It is advisable not to let the wards children under the age of 12 and do not receive more than two visitors at a time in order not to disturb the peace of other patients.
There are departments in which, for the protection of patients and peace of mind for hygiene reasons, need special restrictions on visits

General provisions

all the staff display the name and qualification

  • Professionals who make up the team of the Unit of inpatient and color of the uniforms:
  • Primary: Head of the Unit: directs the activities and supervises the organization; (White coat or jacket and white trousers);
  • Doctors: responsible for the care, visits, prescription of tests, therapies and practice of complex therapeutic interventions; (White coat or Tunic and pants white);
  • Doctors fellows and graduate students of medicine: they operate under the control of primary or salaried doctors; (White coat or Tunic and pants white);
  • Nurse Coordinator: Responsible for the nursing staff, support staff and auxiliary organization of the non-medical Operative Unit; Tunic and white pants with red stripe on the pocket;
  • Nurse: responsible for general nursing staff that ensures the identification, planning and management of the care needs of the person and guarantees the correct application of diagnostic and therapeutic Tunic white with blue stripes on the breast pocket; IG: Tunic white with green stripes on the breast pocket. Midwives: White coat;
  • Community health workers: collaborate with the nursing staff to the activities of basic assistance to the person (eg personal hygiene, mobilization, nutrition) support the activities of the hotel structure; Tunic and trousers;
  • Auxiliary work in the hotel business and are engaged in the carriage of the sick and cleaning; Tunic and trousers;
  • Secretaries of Departments and other Administrative Staff: White coat with blue striped collar.

On admission to the User are requested some data:

  • address and telephone number of someone you can trust to which to send any communications;
  • name of the primary care physician / pediatrician to exchange information with doctors who follow him in the hospital.

What to bring

  • health card, proof of identity;
  • the medical card completed by the general practitioner / pediatrician with the reasons for hospitalization and concise description of any previous illnesses, including any allergies;
  • any treatment in place, photocopies of medical records of previous hospitalizations, all medical examinations and diagnostic tests already performed (x-rays, ECG, blood tests, urine etc..) and, if it has already been determined, the blood type;
  • any medications that is the usual list of names with the specified type (laxatives, painkillers or syrups) or simply packages in use.

Por citizens of European Union countries

identity document, passport TEAM (European Card Support diseases)
Identity document, card EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

For citizens of countries outside the European Union (foreigners: immigrants and stateless persons)
Passport or other equivalent document.
Passport or other equivalent document.
The Office administrative delivery acceptance a handout for the acquisition of all of the information required for the development of economic relations, insurance, residence permit, etc..
The administrative office will Provided for admittance form for the acquisition of all relevant information on payment arrangements for medical costs.