Piazzale Roma Service Dock

RESCUE TRANSPORT of patients in Venice: transshipment points. The docks.

The Venetian reality is characterized by some of the complexities that affect the habits of residents and guests.

The distances require intervention times much longer and more difficult, compared to the mainland.
Even the assistance and medical aid are affected by these environmental characteristics, which often require to perform a care pathway more emergency vehicles (ambulance and hydroambulance).

The route taken by a patient during a rescue, starting from their residence or place of the incident, remain fundamental places of departure and arrival, as the piers of hydroambulance points intermodal often with a different rescue vehicle.

The rescue docks operating in Venice and the Lagoon: Civil Hospital, at the Venice Lido near the airport Nicelli, Pellestrina (Santa Maria del Mare), island of St. Erasmus, Tronchetto and a very important one on Piazzale Roma, which is necessary for transport to the hospitals on the mainland.