First Aid San Marco

Activities carried out from the surgery FIRST AID IN PIAZZA SAN MARCO

This health care service is targeted at the Italian and foreign tourists: it is organized in the areas of greatest influx of tourism in the Veneto Region, is reserved exclusively to such persons who are to have temporary stay in the territory in which provision is made to organize such activities; the service is managed by the Local Health Unit concerned for territorial jurisdiction. For this activity makes use of the Local Health Unit of Primary Care Physicians or continuity of care, if available and of medical personnel in charge.

Your doctor will perform outpatient visits for diagnostic and therapeutic pharmaceutical prescriptions releases, offers and requires specialized investigations, sending hospital, shall submit proposals of hospitalization and issues certificates of illness. The forms included, is normally used for general medicine with overprint that identifies the Local Health Service and the characterization of the service as " Medicare for Tourists".

The doctors in charge can also be used in operating groups according to local needs. The service operates every day including public holidays from 8 am to 8 pm.
In the extraordinary form and given the importance of the office, this service also operates a Professional Nurse with the task of collaborating with the medical management of the practice and assisted.

The equipment supplied includes electrical and dressing materials (see attached), minor surgery, material for infusion, medication ready for use, provided by the Local Health Agency.

The doctor in charge of tourism in the context of the health service is required to:
- Take his work to all those who, in their capacity as citizens in temporary living away from home, they require user intervention.

Can access the service:
1) all Italian citizens not resident in the locality where the same is activated, in possession of a health card;
2) Foreign residents in Italy assistance recipients under the legislation in force and in possession of a health card issued by the Company Local Health Authority of residence;
3) Foreign holders of healthcare on the institutions of origin, possess appropriate certification (TEAM, provisional certificate or other document required by current bilateral agreements);
4) and any other categories with the exception of resident citizens or permanent dwelling within the territorial jurisdiction of the service, except for the latter case of necessity, where the then health is obliged to perform for its d'urgency.

  • Pay health activities in favor of the assisted persons entitled knowledge and belief, in compliance with the general guidelines of the National Health Service and the provisions dictated by the Company Health Units;
  • Make the ambulatory activity, exhausting day the requests made by users;
  • Ensure, where the circumstances so require, also carrying out activities connected with first aid emergencies occurring on the territory (eg solar erythematous, insect bites, sunstroke, heat stroke, etc.).
  • Prescribe the pharmaceutical benefits commensurate with the needs of the assisted therapy and in relation to his stay on site and in compliance with the legislation currently in force;
  • Ensure that they collect the fees payable by patients for access to health care for the benefit of tourists, as provided dall'ACN of 29 July 2009 and subsequent Chapter III " continuity of care " Annex D nomenclature additional services referred to in point "A".

The clinic is open to the public from 8 am to 8 pm every day, including holidays.